Alabama U.S.A.
This page is dedicated to brother Gil and his 1974 RD350 cafe racer build by DWMS Racing, thank
you for putting your trust in us my friend it has truly been an honor to work with you on this project!
The Chassis Build Sheet
The Engine Build Sheet 358cc Big Bore DWMS Racing Yamaha Twin Two Stroke
DWMS Racing modified RD350 factory
cylinder heads with ice black powder coat,
satin finish cooling fin edges, smoothed
and polished chambers, and speed holes

Factory cylinders bored 1mm over to
358cc powdered coated ice black with
satin finish cooling fin edges

Wiseco high performance forged pistons,
rings, wristpin bearings, wristpins, and

Vitos performance products lightweight
racing crankshaft with keyed center shaft
and stock stroke rods

DWMS Racing custom air filters with
UNI foam on ally mounts

Mikuni flat slide carburetors

Factory intake manifolds with billet reed
spacers and new factory reed valves

Factory RD350 transmission and clutch
basket with new clutch plates and springs

Natural finish engine cases

Ice black powder coated engine covers

Stainless engine bolts

All new Athena gaskets and new engine

Aluminum oil injection pump block off

JL stainless steel exhaust chambers with
chrome mufflers 

DWMS Racing modified kick starter 

DWMS Racing modified factory RD350 frame
with alloy rear rock guards  

Rebuilt RD350 front forks with new seals and
ice black powder coated lower fork tubes

All balls steering stem bearing conversion

Billet top triple tree and ice black powder
coated lower triple tree

Ice black powder coated handle bar controls

Paolo Tarozzi clip on handle bars

ABM alloy grips with rubber inserts

Alloy bar ends

Left mirror mounted on a fast from the past
34mm alloy fork tube clamp

Tourmax NHK gold steering stabilizer
mounted to a 34mm fast from the past alloy
fork tube clamp

Primo Rivera hedled halogen headlight with
built in turn signals on a custom built
DWMS Racing mount

New aftermarket replica front master cylinder

Spiegler performance parts black stainless
steel front brake line

Rebuilt factory front brake caliper with new
seals, NHC kevlar / carbon brake pads, and
satin black paint

Drilled factory front brake caliper with ice
black powder coated center

DWMS Racing custom built steel front for
brace with speed holes

Key switch mounted in the front of the frame

Front wheel - Ice black powder coated rim
and center hub with stainless steel spokes
and new all balls bearings. front tire with a
new rim band and a Kenda 90/90-18 tube

Rear wheel - Ice black powder coated rim,
center hub and brake plate with stainless
steel spokes and new all balls bearings. rear
tire with a new rim band and a Michelin
110/90-18 tube

Yamaha 15 tooth front gear

PBI alloy 40 tooth rear gear

DWMS Racing custom built chain guard with
speed holes and gloss black paint

Factory RD350 fuel tank sealed with Caswell
tank sealer

Rebuilt factory fuel petcock

DWMS Racing custom built fiberglass cafe
racer tail section with built in Led tail light

DWMS Racing fiberglass seat pan with vinyl
seat cover

LED rear turn signals mounted inside the

Badlands LE-01 load equalizer

Alloy rear sets

Ice black powder coated rear set and exhaust

Powerdynamo batteryless ignition and
charging system 12V/150w

Hagon rear shocks

DWMS Racing custom built steel side tag

Starburst whole earth metallic and black
paint with gold and silver pinstripes by
Jason Weaver of DWMS Racing 

Gold leaf lettering and graphics by Lee
Trahan of Higher Graphix

Cylinder boring by Larry Hayes of L&M
machine shop

Powder coating by HPC

Frame paint by Frank Clark         

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