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Alabama U.S.A.
DWMS Racing Custom Trophies
DWMS Racing builds hand crafted trophies
out of authentic engine and motorsports parts!

Please contact us today about building trophies
for your races, shows, and events!

DWMS Racing Trophies are proudly powder coated
by Harrison's Powder Coating!
Congratulations to Robert Meeks of Meeks & Son Racing for winning the DWMS Racing / HPC trophy
that we hand crafted out of authentic motorcycle parts and presented to the winner of the Bikes Gone Wild
5.90 street bike index race at Barbour Dragway!
We crafted this trophy out of wood and mounted a
21 inch long dragster on the top for the winner of
the CFM Mid South Dragster Bash at Cottonwood
Dragway on September 14th, 2013.