Honda CBR1000RR With A New Engine, Lowering Links, Swingarm Extensions, And Polishing
Suzuki B-King With Lowering Links, Swingarm Extensions, And Polishing
We repair and plastic weld broken or cracked sport bike fenders, fairings, and body work!
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Alabama U.S.A.
DWMS Racing offers a variety of sport bike customizing services as well as complete custom bike building and restorations of both modern and vintage sport bikes as well as sport touring motorcycles!

We offer complete stock and race engine building of most two and four stroke engines as well as singular services including but not limited to racing filter installations, carburetor building and jet kit installations, valve adjustments, racing camshaft installations, valve seat cutting, racing valve installations, porting and polishing, complete cylinder head rebuilding, big bore piston kit installations, custom exhaust work, stock and racing clutch work, etc.

On the cosmetic side of things we offer show quality polishing of triple trees, clip ons, fork legs, frames, rims, swingarms, and most all other alloy sport bike motorcycle parts!

Whether you are interested in one of our singular services, an engine build, or a complete custom motorcycle build please call or email us today to discuss your needs!