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Alabama U.S.A.
"Coming from a part of the DWMS family, we wanted to say
thank you Joe and Misty for everything you have done we are
proud to be members of the family and we will support
DWMS with pride, And for anyone that needs work done he
is the one you can trust to do the best.

Love you brother

"I came to Joe of DWMS Racing as an average street rider asking for
help on rebuilding the head and doing a valve spring conversion for my
CB450. Joe treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism
throughout the project and I could not be happier with his work.
His excellent attention to details shows!

Also I want to thank you Joe for the personal attention you gave me with
all my questions. DWMS Racing is the kind of company you wish all
companies would be, family owned and operated that is top notch
professional and personal.

Thank you much,
"Hey Joe, it's been a little while since we got the bike
back on the track, all is excellent with the engine, healthy
and strong by the dyno of Mr. Jones in Florida, who was
impressed by the curve and how smooth it was, all the
time and attention to detail you put into the bike has
definitely paid off, it's very consistent and really couldn't
be happier with your work, but most of all the friendship
and support for the sport was a unexpected and welcome
bonus, thanks brother for doing what you do!!!

"It is only appropriate for me to to leave a comment after the completion of the engine
by Joe for La Pastinaca. From day one, Joe has been a pleasure to deal with. I have
dealt in the past with various builders and not one can come close to Joe, in service,
communication, respect, technical expertise, knowledge, budgeting, keeping to his
commitments, and above all quality! I can never say how much I have enjoyed working
with Joe and the outstanding outcome of this project. Joe will be working with me on
additional projects in the near future. If anyone wants to ping me to inquire about Joe,
please feel free to do so. Joe, you are a talented and great artist, but above all, you are a
Super human being and I am very lucky to have you help me out!

Thanks. - Ed"
"Good Morning Joe, I can not say enough for how outstanding the
overall experience has been amongst all of this during this beautiful
restoration of such a unique bike. The craftsmanship is not only top
notch but your customer service is beyond anything I have seen before.
I look forward to continuing our passion for builds togethor and more
importantly building on our strong friendship which we have developed
over the Bridgestone build. You have truly broke the mold here Joe, and
helped confirm that there are still genuine craftsman who honor loyalty
and satisfaction of ones customer over financial gains. I am beyond happy
with this project and will continue to support the DWMS Racing family as
much as I can! 

Your Friend, Carlos"
PHONE - 334-547-9207
"Just like to Thank Joe for all his diligent and educational conversations,
along with the good, clean services which he provided. I came to him with
ideas, and he was honest and told me it wasn't the best setup for what I
wanted. Through our conversations, he pointed me in the right direction,
and we formulated a plan to get the outcome I desired. Thanks again Joe!

Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Alabama, U.S.A.
California, U.S.A.
Alabama, U.S.A.
Maryland, U.S.A.
Chris Jones - Owner Of Jones Performance Cycle
"I would like thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to tune that bike, and the others. I simply try to provide
the best service and work to everyone. I have been dyno tuning bikes for 18 years now and I have witnessed a lot
so called tuners and builders come and go. Your work is outstanding Joe, all those bikes from your shop have
produced very good power and performed well. Working on Performance motorcycles for living can be a tough
business. There is no way to satisfy everyone, however God has blessed me to have a very good repeat clientele that
makes the aggravation worth it. Thanks again, Joe/Dwms racing."